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Sustainability is important. Initiatives taken by the employees are shared here to encourage and inspire others.


As part of a project together with other local businesses, NOTE Norrtelje has sponsored the cost of driving home food and goods from restaurants and shops to residents in Norrtälje for some time during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Our employees at Stonehouse ran a raffle using items donated by staff, and goodwill gestures from suppliers, as prizes. The proceeds were then sent on to the Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity, with the monies donated to the Chemotherapy Suite Appeal.

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Employees from NOTE Pärnu pick garbage in the local environment during the annual Estonia-wide cleanup day Teeme Ära (Let’s Do It).

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NOTE employees are encouraged to go by bike, public transport or car pool to work. (Pauses during the Covid-19 pandemic though.) Employees ’electric cars can be charged at several NOTE plants.

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When the progress of Covid-19 began to slow down in China, masks that were not needed in our plant in China were sent to Norrtelje. Since protective equipment was predicted to be a deficiency, the 2,000 masks were donated to healthcare instead of being used in the Norrtelje plant. To help further during the crisis, the Norrtelje plant has also donated 40 liters of isopropanol to be used in the manufacture of hand sanitizers.

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