NOTE is a solutions provider with worldwide operations and a globally unique portfolio of services and technologies. 

Electronics play a key role in nearly every area of our lives. It’s expected that there will be 200 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. The common denominator is that they all interact with each other. The communication segment demands that we stay at the forefront of technology. The segment has been a core focus for NOTE since the company was founded.

NOTE’s services range from complex assembly and manufacturing of high-speed optical products, wireless equipment, transmission devices, networking solutions to comprehensive test development. 

We engage early in the product introduction phase and continues to work closely with our customers throughout the lifecycle to ensure continuous development aiming for product excellence and high service levels.


Word from a NOTE customer
“Our business relationship with NOTE is a full-fledged partnership. We can always rely on their flexibility and get help quickly when we need it. They also satisfy our challenging quality and coast-conscious standards” Peter Sandberg, COO Microdata Telecom.