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This plant provides electronic manufacturing services for complete product lifecycles–from engineering, industrialisation and flexible batch production of PCBAs and box build, to after-sales services.

The Norrtälje site has more than 40 years of experience of manufacturing and are specialises in products that requires high technological competence, such as the med tech, industrial, defence, surveillance and security sectors, as well as products with challenging logistics chains and/or short time to market. The site also offers cleanroom manufacturing for microelectronics assembly and various types of bonding.

Peter Bohlin

Peter Bohlin

Managing Director
0176-793 34
070-844 55 24

Christoffer Skogh

Sales Manager & Vice President
070-855 34 08


NOTE Norrtelje AB
Box 185
761 22 Norrtälje

Vilhelm Mobergs gata 18
761 46 Norrtälje

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Tel: 0176-793 00
Fax: 0176-198 00


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  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 45001