NOTE Electronics (Dongguan) Co. Ltd

NOTE office China

This plant provides electronic manufacturing services for complete product lifecycles–from engineering, industrialisation and flexible batch production of PCBAs and box build products, to after-sales services. The customers place high demand on quality and technological competence in manufacture, and are located both in and outside the EU.

NOTE has a business license authorised for both domestic and export business. The plant is located in one of the most industrially dynamic regions of China, with only two hours’ drive from Shenzhen Airport.

Jodel Manalo

Jodel Manalo

Managing Director
+86 135 0980 0438

Michael Xia

Michael Xia

Business Development Director
+86 186 6515 6407


NOTE Electronics (Dongguan) Co. Ltd
No. 8 Ling Dong 3 Road
Lincun Industrial Center
Kina – 523710

Contact information

+86 (0)769 872 909 91


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 13485