The high end portion of the consumer segment is good match with NOTE’s offering.

Here we find products where the same set of requirements on quality and durability are equal to some industrial and professional applications. Even though the end purpose and usage of the product is completely different they share similarities from a production process point of view with e.g. advanced industrial applications.

Some of our customers in this segment are breaking new grounds with completely new technology and while facing many other challenges they appreciate the robustness of our processes as we basically apply the same methodology and approach as we would for any professional device.

IoT devices, miniaturized products, wearable electronics or traditional products our purpose and end user might totally differ in this segment but the unconditional requirement on the production process they all have in common.

Examples of the services we provide throughout the lifecycle; DfX, NPI, micro electronics, wire bonding, PCBA, system assembly, testing and boxbuild.
The Swedish company Hövding, developing airbags for cyclists, is an interesting example of high end consumer where NOTE has supported from early innovation throughout the lifecycle to high volume production in Estonia and China.

Words from a NOTE customer
“NOTE’s services offering covers the product lifecycle end to end, which is valuable to us,” says Marie Hult-Johansson, Hövding’s Strategic Purchaser, adding “when we started, we needed a reliable and competent production partner close to our team in Malmö, and continuing our partnership with NOTE since has been a natural step.”