A wide area that can be further categorized into e.g. Automation, Control, Infrastructure, Energy, Building technology.
With the ongoing digitalization in combination with continuous product development highly advanced electronics are being adapted into places traditionally not containing any. Examples could be anything from ioT devices in our homes to connected sensors controlling a critical step in a process industry. Increased requirements on durability and miniaturization is coming from electronics being exposed to very harsh conditions. We have a long history of translating those end user requirements back to a supporting production process. With many years of experience in e.g. the mining industry we have earned valuable knowledge that translates into coating and potting techniques and we can also provide valuable feedback in the early design phase to secure producibility.

Examples of the services we provide throughout the lifecycle; DfX, NPI, micro electronics, wire bonding, PCBA, system assembly, testing and boxbuild.


Words from a NOTE customer
“Our partnership with NOTE brings us access to local and global support and enables close partnerships in the development phase as well as lowcost, high-quality production,” reports Johannes Linder, Commodity Manager at Trimble.