BGA X-Ray Inspection

Speedboard invests in a 2nd X-Ray system

We are continuing to see significantly increased levels of high technology assemblies from new and existing customers. We are therefore pleased to announce the purchase and installation of a second X-TEK X-ray machine.   This purchase is part of a £250k investment plan for 2014 covering 4 additional pick and place machines , a new reflow oven using Vapor phase technology and increased BGA X-ray inspection capacity.

The Hawk 160 XI fits perfectly into Speedboard’s recently re-laid production line being highly suitable for batch production.  The system enables solder joint inspection on both single and double sided PCB assemblies up to 310mm x 500mm, producing sharp high magnification images from virtually 360 degrees around the PCB.  The system also allows inspection of component packages by loading standard JEDEC sample trays or complete lots of IC strips into the Hawk’s chamber.  Dedicated software tools measure die attach void percentages and wire sweep ratios. For closer examination, individual strips and tubes can be rotated to expose delamination and wire loop problems.

An ultra thin output window design enables the sample to be placed safely within 250 microns of the focal spot giving up to 6000X system magnification.  The Hawk’s unique pyramid transmission x-ray target means that the magnification of detail on large substrates and PCBs remains at an impressive level even at steep viewing angles.   In addition the X-Tek Xi “Open Tube” x-ray source allows x-ray images of fine detail in thick and dense samples to be seen with ease and allows views at steep angles through solder joints and heat sinks without running out of energy.

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