Contract Manufacturing Milestone Reached

Speedboard Assembly Services supplies JENOPTIK with its 2000th VECTOR camera unit, through a service in which responsiveness, flexibility and product quality are essential.

Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) Speedboard Assembly Services has supplied its customer JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK with its 2,000th VECTOR camera unit. The CEM has been assembling JENOPTIK’s VECTOR units, of which there are a number of variants, since January 2014.

Geoff Collins, JENOPTIK’s Sales & Marketing Director, comments: “This is an incredible milestone to reach, particularly considering the VECTOR range was only launched a few years ago and that we’re serving rather specialist markets with high-end, high-quality products. We must thank Speedboard for helping us support our customers and, leading up to the launch of the VECTOR range, the provision of invaluable design-for-manufacture and design-for-test guidance.”

JENOPTIK is a world-leading OEM of cameras for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and its products are renowned for their ability to work in harsh environments and in a variety of lighting conditions. Typically located in hard-to-access places, such as on the tops of poles and on motorway gantries, the units are exposed to all the elements. Collins continues: “Product reliability is an absolute must for us, as sending engineers out to replace a camera unit is a very costly exercise. In this respect, and complementing the quality of its assembly work, Speedboard has devised a series of rigorous inspection routines and a comprehensive, five-stage test strategy to ensure our VECTOR units meet our requirements.”

Collins goes on compliment the CEM on its approach to business, observing that in the JENOPTIK-Speedboard relationship there is none of the red tape present that so often prevents traditional customer-CEM relationships from ever reaching their true potential and being as mutually beneficial as possible.

“In the sectors in which we work, successful market penetration depends on the speed at which we can provide customers with dependable and well-made products,” concludes Collins. “Speedboard helps us do that through their implementation of finely tuned volume production processes, innovative Kanban and line-side stock systems plus first-rate supply chain management. Also, the relationship we enjoy with Speedboard is all about collaboration and trust. They’re the perfect assembly partner and we engage with them, and vice versa, as if they were our own shop floor.”

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