NOTE Stonehouse continues to invest with new DEK Horizon APiX

NOTE Stonehouse has invested in a new DEK Horizon APiX screen printer.  With advances in machine design and technology, the new machine is far more accurate in the alignment of the stencil to the board, improving our programming time and print inspection.

With the options we have equipped the machine with, it will enable us to keep a tighter control over the process resulting in higher yields, delivering maximum productivity through fast and faultless performance.

The flexibility and rapid changeover capabilities of the platform are perfect for a diverse and detailed range of assembly challenges, from fast turn prototyping and short production runs to volume manufacturing at high speed.

Key features of our DEK Horizon APiX screen printer, balancing repeatable accuracy and speed potential into maximum productive output:

  • Fully Automatic PCB Tooling
  • HawkEye® 750 Camera with Deposit Verification
  • Automatic Understencil Cleaning
  • Automatic Stencil Load
  • Flat Transport Belts for Heavy Boards
  • Process Cycle Time of 8 Seconds + Printing
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