Vicon 2021-10-11

Reliable & Trusted Partnership

NOTE Windsor’s partnership with Vicon dates from 2011 and key to the success of the collaboration lies in both parties working together with trusted, transparent and open communication.

Vicon Motions Systems – World Leader in Motion Capture Solutions

Located in Oxford, United Kingdom, Vicon have been working with NOTE in Windsor since 2011, for 2 generations of its highly successful camera products. Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the life sciences, virtual reality, entertainment and engineering industries.

Processes used have included prototyping, NPI and volume production and the supply of fully tested board solutions using a bespoke Kanban system. NOTE helps Vicon with the whole process, and currently manufactures the 2-camera family, Vantage and Vero.

Nick Japhtha, Supply Chain Manager for Vicon comments:

“NOTE in Windsor have been a key supply partner to our business. The quality and supply of board assemblies is critical to the success of our business. By working together, we have ensured that product is always available when our customers need it.”

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