Speedboard Assembly Services has signed up to SC21, the supply chain improvement programme developed and managed by the trade organisation ADS for companies operating in the aerospace, defence, security and space industries; but which has the potential to make companies operating in all industry sectors more efficient and competitive. The programme will enable Speedboard to demonstrate and be recognised for the quality of its services plus its ability to meet delivery dates.

Neil Owen, Speedboard’s Managing Director, comments: “Signing up to SC21 is part of our commitment to achieving high performance in both business and manufacturing excellence, and to becoming a leaner, more efficient and responsive organisation.”

Fundamental to the SC21 programme is the participation of customers, who are invited to work with Speedboard to develop continuous improvement plans. In addition, Speedboard has engaged with an independent facilitator – Thales-owned consultancy Quintec – to guide the company through the SC21 process and will also receive support from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (part of the UK Government-backed Business Growth Service).

Owen notes: “The industry sectors served by ADS are heavily regulated, compliance to standards is essential and processes must be supported by documentation. SC21 sets out to be a stamp of approval, recognising quality and delivery within those sectors. However, we’re keen to adopt SC21’s processes and methodologies to prove ourselves in front of customers operating in not just aerospace, defence, security and space but also automotive, communications, industrial and medical. They all stand to benefit, and we’re looking forward to rising to the challenges ahead.”

SC21 is a ‘change programme’, designed to accelerate the performance of any company by improving its efficiencies and effectiveness within the supply chain. As a supplier, Speedboard and participating customers will operate a set of harmonised processes for performance measurement and relationship management.

Owen concludes: “As with our recent investment in manufacturing equipment – specifically Vapour Phase and Selective Soldering – signing up to SC21 is an essential element of Speedboard transforming from being just a CEM to becoming a manufacturing partner of choice.”

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