American Sanmina-SCI and Swedish NOTE in strategic co-operation

Launch of a new concept within the electronic industry. Co-operation agreement creates complete supplier adjusted for all sizes of customers.

Sanmina-SCI and NOTE today announce on a mutual press conference that they have signed a long term co-operation agreement that well-define respectively company’s strategy for the Nordic market which also creates a more stable ground for further growth. The content of the agreement in short is that for both company’s customers it will be "smoother transfers" when the need for electronic production fluctuates. Together Sanmina-SCI and NOTE can meet the customers demands regardless if it is smaller national orders or large global volume contracts.

Swedish NOTE with approx. 400 employees and a turnover of about SEK 500 m. 2001 is one of Sweden’s largest and most successful companies within manufacturing of electronic against contract Compared to American Sanmina-SCI it is a small company though. Sanmina-SCI is one of the worlds three largest producers of electronic with over 100 plants in totally 23 countries and with a turnover of more than SEK 100 billions.

"It is a substantial difference to produce large volumes for international companies compared to smaller series for local customers", says CEO Sten Dybeck, NOTE AB. "The important part is to realize that you cannot offer everything. The ability to find-and be number one- in your niche will be the essential survival factor in an increasing competition".

"To us the agreement with NOTE is a good way to focus on the Nordic market", says Niclas Olsson, Marketing and Sales Manager at Sanmina-SCI. "Through the co-operation we secure a high service level for our Nordic customers at the same time as we get the opportunity to refine our volume strategy".

The alternative had been diversifying which in the long run often leads to a lower degree of service and cost efficiency . Instead this new co-operation enables the companies to concentrate on increased market shares in their own areas, which hardly offers any limitations for either Sanmina-SCI or NOTE.

"On the contrary specializing in volumes makes it easier to grow in respectively segment . Together we can offer our customers increased support regardless of trade, requirement and size", Niclas Olsson finish.

About Sanmina-SCI
Sanmina-SCI is one of the worlds leading suppliers of EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services). Sanmina-SCI offers a complete spectrum of services for construction, industrializing and manufacturing o advanced electronic, mainly within the areas medical, industrial electronic and communication technique.

About NOTE
NOTE is one of Sweden’s leading EMS-suppliers with facilities in Kista, Norrtälje, Torsby, Göteborg. NOTE focus on high degree of service through being close to the customer with high flexibility and has been on the growth list of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet over fastest growing companies during the last five years.

For further information please contact:
Niclas Olsson, Market and Sales Manager, Sanmina-SCI. Tel. +46 8-477 96 95, +46 709-99 52 78

Sten Dybeck, CEO, NOTE AB. Tel. +46 8-755 65 08, +46 708-55 18 00

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