Björn Furu appointed President of NOTE Oslo

Björn Furu is bringing his experience and expertise to NOTE Oslo AS as its newly appointed President.

Mr. Furu has wide reaching and lengthy experience of production, primarily from the electronics and EMS sectors. His most recent position was with the Norwegian company Snøhetta Modular, where he was COO. Previously, he was Corporate Vice President of EMS services for electronics manufacturer Kitron ASA. Mr. Furu has also assisted Siemens A/S, Sonec ASA and Elektronikkfabrikken in Oslo with production, logistics and IT issues.

NOTE Oslo, previously Nordic-PrintDesign AS, was acquired by the NOTE group on 1 July this year, and offers specialist PCB design know-how. The acquisition was an important step in NOTE’s initiatives to increase its market share in Norway. The move is fully consistent with NOTE’s Nearsourcing™ strategy, offering customers top of the line service while being close-at-hand, both in terms of geography and collaboration. The acquisition also includes a component database, now called NOTEfied, that integrates customer product development with NOTE’s strategic procurement and prototype production, thus reducing time-to-market.

Anders G. Johansen, NOTE Oslo’s Technical Sales Manager, comments “with Björn Furu’s knowledge of the Norwegian EMS industry, and the clear advantages of our dynamic preferred parts database, we are looking forward to making an impact on the market. We now have the opportunity to help our customers throughout the whole value chain. The appointment of Björn Furu is pivotal since he is a specialist on processes and logistics, which will provide clear benefits for our business.”

“Björn has the experience and capability necessary to head up NOTE’s expansion on the Norwegian market,” continues Arne Forslund, NOTE AB’s CEO, “with our new facilities in Oslo, we will be a key local electronics producer able to help customers on-site in the Oslo region. We therefore have a very competitive offer that will benefit our customers, by providing true values such as shorter time-to-market and seamless transfer of production to cost-effective regions.”

For more information, please contact:
Arne Forslund, CEO and President of NOTE AB, tel. +46 (0)8 568 990 07, +46 (0)70 547 7477
Knut Pogost, Sales and Marketing Director of NOTE AB and Managing Director of NOTE Components, tel. +46 (0)8 568 990 15, +46 (0)70 552 3444
Annelie Wirdefeldt, Director of IR & Information Strategy NOTE AB, tel. +46 (0)8 568 990 01,
+46 (0)76 815 9999

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