ems-ALLIANCE- the brand new concept for electronics manufacturing world wide

Today ems-ALLIANCE was launched at the Productronica Fair in Munich, Germany. ems-ALLIANCE consists of six companies in six different countries. Together they form a world wide electronic manufacturing services network of independent and equal providers, co-operating to be a competitive alternative in the electronics business.

The initiative to form ems-ALLIANCE was taken by the Swedish EMS company NOTE. The basic idea behind the alliance is to offer local electronics production – no matter where in the world your market is situated. The thought is that you can stay with your local producer and still reach the whole world.

"All companies in ems-ALLIANCE are strong players on their respective home market and by working together we learn from each other and can further increase our knowledge and expertise," says Marina Filipsson, Chairman of ems-ALLIANCE.

Today the members of the ems-ALLIANCE are situated in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Sweden and in the USA, represented by the following companies:

Brazil – VRI – Indústria Eletrônica Ltda China – LeeMAH Holdings, Ltd.
India – Rangsons Electronics Italy – Elem S.p.A
Sweden – NOTE AB USA – Xetel Corporation

"To our customers ems-ALLIANCE means we can offer competitive prices on materials by placing larger orders than we do as individual companies. Through ems-ALLIANCE’s global network we can also provide our customers with production in a number of countries simultaneously and thereby shorten the time to market," continues Filipsson. "Another advantage is that customers pay in their local currency, no matter where in the world the production takes place."

ems-ALLIANCE offers a total capacity of 1,000,000 components per hour, 2,000 employees and a total production area of 60,000 sq. meters world-wide.

For further information, please contact:
Marina Filipsson, Chairman of ems-ALLIANCE
chairman@emsalliance.com Phone: +46 176 799 04 Mobile: +46 709 50 80 72

Caroline Nordström, Press contact ems-ALLIANCE
press@emsalliance.com Phone: +46 176 799 02 Mobile: +46 708 44 55 92

Visit ems-ALLIANCE web site – www.emsalliance.com

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