Göran Jansson appointed as acting CEO and President of NOTE

The Board of Directors of NOTE AB has appointed Göran Jansson as acting CEO and President of NOTE. The procedure for finding a new CEO and President has started.

Bruce Grant, NOTE’s Chairman of the Board, comments:
”NOTE has faced big challenges to adapt costs and services to a lower demand in the EMS market. Significant cost reductions have been carried through the latest years and the major part of the manufacturing is now conducted in NOTE’s international subsidiaries. We will now increase our focus on cost and capital efficiency to be a leading supplier in the Nordic market. The Board of Directors believes that a changed leadership is required and has initiated a recruitment to find a successor for Knut Pogost. Meanwhile, Göran Jansson will act as CEO and President of NOTE.

The Board of Directors wants to show their appreciation to the former President and CEO Knut Pogost for his well performed efforts within NOTE for several years.”

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