Inaugural ‘EMS Week’ a success – Alliance Business model announced

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTES and NORRTALJE, Sweden—June 17, 2003—The ems-ALLIANCE held a series of events recently beginning June 9 through June 13. Billed as ‘EMS Week’, the events brought together both domestic and international OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) with EMS providers (contract manufacturers) on the ems-ALLIANCE for discussions on global material procurement and production. The Alliance also announced its operating model for global material procurement and low cost production. The Alliance was represented by its members from Brazil, China, India, Italy, Sweden, and the US.

“Global material procurement is on the minds of many OEM’s right now,” said Marina Filipsson, chairman of the ems-ALLIANCE. “Many of these companies are currently evaluating alternatives for driving out material and production costs, or seeking to enhance or change their existing strategies in this area. The EMS Week forum has allowed us to discuss trends and share ideas. In light of current market conditions, OEM’s are eager to think creatively about material cost solutions.”

According to Filipsson, the Alliance operating model, which was first introduced by NOTE AB in Sweden, is currently being extended to the other five Alliance companies.

“One of our primary objectives as EMS providers is to give our clients a competitive advantage by offering the lowest cost possible for material and production. The Alliance model has worked very well to help NOTE’s customers achieve efficiencies and growth, thereby allowing our own company to grow, something that very few European EMS providers have sustained over the past two years. Now we are transferring this ‘recipe’ for efficiency and growth to our Alliance partners to offer those same advantages to their customers,” said Erik Stenfors, president of NOTE AB.

EMS Week began at the NEPCON East/Assembly East tradeshow in Boston, and continued in Lexington, KY, site of the US member corporation, SMC, Inc.

Rob Coats, president of SMC said, “We feel that the participation at EMS Week was a good indication that OEM’s are open to new and different ways to access global markets for materials and production. While many OEM’s want to explore global markets, they are not willing to make sacrifices in quality and service, and often they don’t understand how to go about doing business overseas. Furthermore, the process of transitioning production from the US to low cost countries is littered with obstacles. The Alliance simplifies this process by accessing global markets through our worldwide partners, while maintaining the local, ‘hands-on’ service they expect from their EMS partner.”

Over twenty OEM’s participated in the week’s activities which included panel discussions and break out sessions on current trends in materials procurement, the operating model of the ems-ALLIANCE, and case studies on ems-ALLIANCE customers. The week was capped with a keynote address by Elaine Barnes, director of global accounts for Future Electronics, Inc.

For additional information on the ems-ALLIANCE, contact John Zurborg at SMC (859-253-3066) or Chairman Marina Filipsson, ems-ALLIANCE (+46 176 799 00). For information on NOTE AB, contact Erik Stenfors at.+46 176 799 00 Or visit www.emsallaince.com

About the ems-ALLIANCE

The ems-ALLIANCE is a global network of regional EMS providers that offers alternatives for global material procurement and production. Based in Norrtalje, Sweden, the Alliance includes representative companies from Brazil, China, India, Italy, Sweden, and the United States. The Alliance has evolved to become a true alternative to traditional, international public companies in the areas of global material procurement and low cost production. Through its member companies, the Alliance provides simplified access to low cost suppliers and global manufacturing facilities, while maintaining in-country support for new market development, and higher levels of personalized service through strong, regionalized EMS providers. For more information, please contact Marina Filipsson at +46 176 799 00 or visit www.EMSALLIANCE.com.

About SMC

SMC is an EMS provider based in Lexington, Kentucky. In business for over 25 years, its customers represent industries including industrial automation, medical, RF communications, test and measurement, high-speed data transfer, and security. SMC’s portfolio of services includes supply chain management programs, prototype services, design for manufacturability, comprehensive test planning and development, continuous volume manufacturing, hi-tech manufacturing (BGA, Micro BGA, 0201’s), automated through-hole assembly, and top level assembly. For more information, please visit www.SMCEMS.com, or call 859.253.3066.


NOTE is one of Sweden’s leading electronics manufacturing services provider with over 30 years of experience. As a complete contract manufacturer, NOTE offers its clients services that range from design assistance, distribution, and after-market services. With over 600 employees in Sweden and abroad, NOTE operates three production facilities and two prototype labs/sales offices Sweden. In addition, NOTE operates a production facility in the Baltics and operations in Central Europe organized out of our office in Poland. NOTE AB is a Swedish owned corporation with approximately 150 shareholders. For more information, please visit www.NOTE.SE, or call +46 176 799 00

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