Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace selects NOTEfied and expands collaboration with NOTE

NOTE’s Nearsourcing business model is founded on three key areas—starting Nearsourcing centres close to customers, introducing the NOTEfied preferred parts database to support development and sourcing efforts and efficient production close to customers or in cost-efficient countries. NOTEfied is a unique preferred parts database developed in-house that can link directly to customers’ design systems, cutting product development lead-times. Utilising NOTEfied enables easier, faster and more certain materials flows, from the right strategic component choices to complete products.

“This success on the Norwegian market is a good example of the positive reception of our business model,” commented Arne Forslund, NOTE’s President and CEO, “by being close to the customer with the right skills and right services in the development and industrialization phase, we can offer unbeatable time to market.”

“Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is an important NOTE account—I’m pleased that we are now extending our collaboration further. By selecting NOTEfied, both parties get a great opportunity to rationalise the development of new products,” continued Anders G. Johansen, NOTEfied Product & System Application Manager and Key Account Manager for the Kongsberg group.

“KDA conducted an evaluation to select a common PCB design tool in 2008. Some of the primary objectives were to rationalise processes and secure a more integrated system in general,” responded Suvada Besirovic, KDA’s Manager of Electronics Missile Systems & Aerostructures, “NOTE’s solution integrates the preferred parts database to Cadence’s design tool, which we liked right from the start. Undoubtedly, this solution influenced our choice of Cadence’s Allegro tool. We’re really satisfied with the collaboration with NOTE so far, and expect to expand it progressively by sourcing still more services from them.”

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