Nearsourcing wins NOTE new customers

NOTE has signed an agreement with Tour & Andersson that has chosen NOTE as a supplier because of Nearsourcing.

Tour & Andersson is a world leader in balancing valves for waterborne heating and cooling systems. An agreement has been signed to develop and produce a sophisticated instrument for balancing these systems, the TA-SCOPE. Production on a larger scale is planned at NOTE Torsby in the autumn.

In its development work, NOTE has collaborated closely with QRtech, a specialist in product development and industrialization of electronics and software. NOTE’s preferred parts database—NOTEfied—was used in this process. This unique, proprietary tool has technical and commercial data on over 60,000 components. By using NOTEfied, simpler, faster and more secure materials flows are achieved, from the right strategic component choices to finished products.

NOTE’s Nearsourcing Centre in Torsby has got specialist skills in development, industrialization and volume production. With several years experience and skills in producability, the Centre assists customers on solutions for complex products.

Over recent years, NOTE has re-formatted several of its plants as Nearsourcing Centres, in line with its Nearsourcing business model, which is based on three main components: starting up Nearsourcing Centres close to customers, cost control through product life-cycles and cost-efficient production located where it is optimal for the customer.

Ronald Hedström, QRtech’s Development Manager commented: “In the current economic climate it is vital that customers get their products to the market as fast as possible. Our collaboration with NOTE and the NOTEfied tool was the key to satisfying the customer’s needs. Using NOTEfied, we’ve kept control over the components we select in terms of lead-times, availability and life-cycle status.”

“A supplier that maintains high quality, has control and influence over suppliers, as well as possessing high-volume production capacity for large volumes in regions whose cost structure favours us is important,” responded Joakim Merstrand, Strategic Purchasing Manager at Tour & Andersson, “in NOTE, we’ve found a partner with world-class international and local production capabilities—quite simply, NOTE has the complete package.”

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