Norrtelje Elektronik receives environmental award from the King

Norrtelje Elektronik received a special prize for its report on the environment at a formal presentation ceremony for the European Environment Awards.

Environment Awards were presented to the winners of six classes, Norrtelje Elektronik’s award being for Best EMAS Report. Companies rewarded for their exceptional contributions in the field of industrial environmental work received their awards from King Carl XVI Gustav who was present throughout the two-hour ceremony. Among the outstanding speakers was Sören Gyll, President of the Federation of Swedish Industries.

The jury’s reasons for awarding the special prize to Norrtelje Elektronik were given as being: "For an honest and beautifully illustrated report of the broad totality of the company’s work in the environmental field, presented in a well-balanced text which describes the main aspects of environmental management in a way that captures the popular imagination."

Allocation of the awards is decided jointly by the Federation of Swedish Industries, the Swedish Environmental Management Council and the Ministry of the Environment. The jury consists of an independent group of experts representing the various sectors of society.

The European Environment Awards (EEA) were instituted in 1987, the European Year of the Environment, on the initiative of the European Commission and the environmental programme of the United Nations (UNEP) with the objective of stimulating a progressive approach to environmental matters within industry.

Norrtelje Elektronik was the first Swedish electronics supplier to gain environmental certification to ISO 14001. A year later the company achieved registration under the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

At the European Environment Awards ceremony, King Carl XVI Gustav presented the special prize for the best EMAS Report to Norrtelje Elektronik’s MD Mats Hultin.

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