NOTE against the wind!

A subcontractor that increases – in spite of the crises within the telecom industry. "We see increased volume of incoming orders, and must continue to expand our personnel as well as machine equipment", says Sten Dybeck, President for the electronic manufacturing company NOTE. The month of May was "An all time high!" in turnover for the group of companies.

Several manufacturers against contract have during the last month announced displacement of staff in Sweden. At the same time there are electronic producers increasing. The entirely Swedish owned electronic group of companies NOTE, with factories in Norrtälje and Torsby are turning against the wind and keep employing new staff. In Norrtälje about 10 persons has been new employed only the last month. Also in Torsby and the subsidiary of the group in Gdansk, Poland, approximately 20 persons has been new employed during the last weeks.

The secret of the success is to offer the same concept as the large foreign manufacturers, without tying up capital. "We have a global network under the trademark; The EMS Alliance, under which we can offer production close to the market in four parts of the world. We can therefor offer these services without costs for our own plants", says President Sten Dybeck.

Another explanation to the success is the group’s own network of sub suppliers in Central Europe that are run by the Gdansk office. This buffer capacity makes it possible for changes in the incoming order volume without endangering the profitability of the activities. "The days when the customer paid for simple mechanical work has passed", President Dybeck remarks. "At the same time the most advanced electronic has a certain amount manual production. Therefore it is natural to differentiate the assembling; the most advanced procedures are carried out in our own manufacturing plants here in Sweden, while more simplified procedures are carried out in Central Europe."

The last quarter of the year the group has invested in approximately SEK 10 m. in advanced manufacturing robots in the Swedish manufacturing plants and more are expected. "Since it seems like the increase will withhold it is probably necessary" Sten Dybeck finishes.

The group NOTE is one of the leading electronic manufacturer in Sweden with 400 employees and a turnover of slightly more than SEK 500 m. 2001.

For more information, please feel welcome to contact President Sten Dybeck on mobile phone +46 708-55 18 00.

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