NOTE announces increased production capacity in South America

NOTE’s partner in Brazil just launched its new production unit, which effectively doubles NOTE’s delivery capacity in South America.

NOTE is a member of the ems-ALLIANCE, a co-operation between five electronic manufacturing service providers from the four corners of the world.

During a popular event in Porto Alegre yesterday, the Alliance members launched Teikon’s new factory in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The launch was in conjunction with ems-ALLIANCE’s semi-annual meeting.

”We are delighted to now be able to offer our European clients double production capacity in South America.”, states Erik Stenfors, CEO for the NOTE group. By transferring production closer to the end consumer, you simplify logistics issues dramatically.

Another production unit in the tax-free zone of Manaus, Brazil, is planned for later in 2005.

”We are noticing increased interest in production in South America, primarily in the telecommunications and automotive sectors, and we are therefore very pleased with our partner’s expansion” says Marina Filipsson, chairman of the ems-ALLIANCE.

During the official opening of the plant, one of NOTE’s clients, Neonode with a development unit in Stockholm, was a guest speaker. ”Our mobile phones are being industrialised by NOTE in Sweden and production will subsequently be moved to NOTE’s industrial plants in Central Europe, which offers maximum cost-effectiveness for our European clients. For certain other markets, NOTE’s global alliance helps remove trade barriers, logistics problems, and service issues”, said Magnus Goertz, Founder of Neonode.

For more information, please contact:
Marina Filipson, chairman, ems-ALLIANCE, tel. +46 (0)709 – 50 80 72
Erik Stenfors, CEO, NOTE, tel. +46 (0)709 – 50 80 70

About NOTE
NOTE is a European contract manufacturer of electronics with headquarters in Sweden. NOTE is always close-at-hand, with plants and gateways throughout Europe, volume production facilities in the Baltics and Poland, and global collaboration within the ems-ALLIANCE. We offer close-to-market production worldwide, and are among the leaders in lead-free technology.

NOTE focuses on cutting-edge technology, offering cost-effective solutions with a flexible approach. As a total supplier, NOTE offers its clients service throughout the entire product chain, either individually, or complete production from design and development to delivery and after-sales services. NOTE provides continuous feedback to help ensure a product is truly producible, and production can flow seamlessly from one phase to the next.

About ems-ALLIANCE
The ems-ALLIANCE is a global network of electronics manufacturers that offers high-capacity and close-to-market production worldwide. NOTE handles all manufacturing, logistics, and after-sales services conducted by the ems-ALLIANCE in Europe.

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