NOTE builds for the New industry

It has been decided that NOTE, the manufacturer of electronics and the Torsby local authorities in Wermland county council will co-operate in building new factory premises in Torsby. The new factory will to start with have an area of 4000 m2, and be tailor made for a brand new industrial thinking.


– We have proved ourselves as the fastest growing sub-supplier of electronic production in Sweden on the growth list of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, and came in as number eight of the industrial companies, Sten Dybeck, chairman of the board at NOTE AB tells us, and continues: – Our running up of the list is really exceptional: we aldo expand in a trade that is declining, and even more so we expand in regions that otherwise normally suffers from cutbacks. That is something really positive!

Gerd Levin-Nygren, President at NOTE Torsby: – We have really not suffered from the recession here in Torsby, on the contrary, the expansion has been stable. In a couple of years we have doubled the number of employees: we have gone from 70 employees 2001 to about 120 employees 2003. It is also very important to emphasize that we are building a brand new type of factory, adapted to high-tech solutions, mainly within the vehicle industry.

Erik Stenfors, President of the NOTE-group: – There has been a lot of discussions about the new economy, and we all know how that turned out. But now the time is right for the New industry, and that is something completely different. What we are building in Torsby has very little in common with traditional industrial premises. Here we will focus on high competence, among other things. Besides assembling tables desks with white boards will have a central position here .

A concrete additional value for the client that are built in to the New industry is our NOTE Lab. There we can offer our clients manufacturing of prototypes in a new way: the client shall be able to come to us with an idea and not only get a prototype as common but also get the best design.

The idea with the knowledge-intensive center – that in the case of Torsby are custom-made for the Vehicle segment – are executed in all of our Swedish factories under the name Center of Excellence: Last Friday we opened up a competence center in Norrtelje, with focus on opto/telecom, in Lund we will before the end of the year open up a center with focus on medical technology. To those centers many of the worlds leading expertise in electronics production are linked up, from commercial and industrial life, university and college. Our ambition is to be; simply the best, in these three branches of trades.

For further information, please feel welcome to contact, Sten Dybeck, tel: + 46 708-55 18 00 or Gerd Levin-Nygren, tel: +46 708-11 68 48. For more information about NOTE please visit: www.note.se

Facts about the NOTE group of companies

NOTE is a leading manufacturer of electronics with over 30 years of experience. NOTE is a complete manufacturer against contract and offers everything from development to serial production in a large scale. Since seven years now NOTE are on the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet´s list over the fastest growing companies in Sweden.

NOTE is the only Swedish owned supplier of EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services).

NOTE offers global production close to the market. NOTE has today 600 employees and factories/NOTE Lab Norrtelje, Torsby, Lund, Kista and Gothenburg. NOTE also has a factory in Lithuania, and operations in Central Europe, that are governed from Gdansk, Poland. Through the global network of manufacturers of electronics, ems-ALLIANCE, NOTE has partners in China, Brazil, India, Italy and U.S.

Facts: Turnover Profit Employees
2000 SEK 350 million SEK 10,3 million 264
2001 SEK 514 million SEK 21,7 million 372
2002 SEK 636 million SEK 31 million 418

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