NOTE chooses Mydata – again

Mydata Automation is in the process of delivering NOTE’s fifth new surface mount line in the last year. The investment is part of NOTE’s strategic expansion plans, and represents part of a multiyear cooperative agreement. The line is being delivered to NOTE Nyköping-Skänninge, which is the newest member of the NOTE family. The line features many new product innovations, such as automatic vision programming for components and the latest version of the Agilis LM component feed system, which can now accommodate 12 and 16mm-wide component types.

NOTE is one of Mydata’s key customers, and the NOTE plants in Lund, Torsby and Skänninge use Mydata surface mount lines exclusively. The surface mount machines from Mydata are also important components at NOTE Labs, which are found at all of the Group’s plants.
”One of the advantages of using a single brand for surface mounting is that it gives us great flexibility in terms of adapting our production to demand. For example, during peak periods we can easily shift production from one plant to another. In this way we can be precisely as fast and flexible as our customers require us to be,” says NOTE Production Manager Peter Jansson. ”We have arrived at an excellent total solution that also includes ongoing training,” says Peter.

The agreement between NOTE and Mydata runs for a multiyear term, and involves cooperation in terms of both technology development and deliveries.
”Our surface mount lines are an extremely good fit for NOTE Lab, and for shorter product series that demand fast setup times. The NOTE Group in an expansion phase, and we think it’s great to be able to be a part of that expansion,” says Thomas Lindström, Corporate Account Manager, Mydata Automation.

For further information, please contact Peter Jansson, Production Manager, NOTE, at 0176-793 02, or Thomas Lindström, Corporate Account Manager, Mydata Automation, at 08-475 55 54.

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