NOTE establishes a presence in Oslo

NOTE AB intends to acquire Nordic-Printdesign AS, and thus establishes a presence in Norway. The company will become NOTE Oslo AS and will develop into a complete, world-class production unit for fast prototyping.

NOTE AB has signed a letter of intent to acquire the enterprise Nordic-Printdesign AS, which offers PCB design know-how. Nordic-Printdesign AS currently has 8 employees at offices in Oslo and Stockholm. This acquisition marks the first step in NOTE’s initiative to increase its market share in Norway.

This acquisition is entirely consistent with NOTE's strategy of offering customers high service levels through its Nearsourcing concept, implying that NOTE is close to the customer geographically and as a collaborative partner. Services offered close to the customer include PCB layout, fast prototype production including specialist feedback on product design, project management, seamless transfer and co-ordination of production in NOTE's more cost-efficient units in the Baltic region and Poland.

The acquisition also includes a component database to be linked to NOTE's component management system. The database interconnects customer product development with NOTE's prototype production and strategic procurement. As a result, products reach the market faster, thus reducing time-to-market.

Anders G Johansen, Technical Sales Manager of Nordic-Printdesign AS, commented: “Our component database will now have far greater impact by this connection with NOTE's systems and in-depth production know-how. Our customers will really value the access they get to the possibilities NOTE offers.”

Arne Forslund, CEO of NOTE AB continues: “It's very exciting that NOTE is starting up on the Norwegian market, considering the growth potential there. We will be building up a new production facility with the aid of lean production to ensure that NOTE Oslo becomes an efficient production unit for fast prototypes. For a fairly modest investment and low risk, we now have very good prospects of achieving high organic growth.”

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