NOTE increase heavily

In spite of the very difficult situation within the telecom industry, the Swedish sub-supplier NOTE continue to increase profit and well as turnover drastically. The semiannual report that was released today showed that the result before tax increased by 90 percent to SEK 17 m. (9). The net turnover increased with 29 percent to SEK 325 m. (253). The construction of the group and international presence without investment of capital are some of the explanations to the success.

NOTE is a manufacturer against contract with factories in Norrtälje and Torsby, Sweden. Offices in Kista and Göteborg, Sweden, and Gdansk, Poland. When most of our colleagues are suffering losses today and are forced to reduce personal,
NOTE goes against the wind and improve their result

CEO Sten Dybeck, explains that one reason to the success is the quick decisionmaking processes within the group and that NOTE during the last 6 months has managed to broaden their base of customers with new customers from different trades. ”Furthermore our way to work in flexible production teams, where every team functions as the customers own production unit, is an important factor of the success”.

Production close to the market in four parts of the world
NOTE has built a global network of electronic manufacturers under the trade mark ems-ALLIANCE – an idea that originated from the alliances of the airlines. Through the network we are running an electronic production close to the market in four parts of the world, which has become very important for many customers.

”Many companies has realized that a large part of the cost for the product comes from the distribution and request production close to the market to overcome that difficult problem. Through the alliance we can offer the same concept as the large international manufacturers, without investing in factories outside Sweden”, says Sten Dybeck.

Bright future
NOTE look upon the future with confidence. That the group can handle to create a good result even in difficult times provide security for many customers in the

”A constant worry for purchasers of production today, is to loose competence around their products at cut down of personal and closing of factories”, Sten Dybeck finishes.

For further information, please feel welcome to contact CEO Sten Dybeck
Tel. +46 708-55 18 00, +46 176-799 10. E-mail: sten@dybeck.com

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