NOTE increases strategic cooperation in Britain and France

NOTE is strengthening its position in Britain and France by increasing cooperation with the British company Jaltek Systems. By expanding the existing partnership, sales will be coordinated and NOTE will receive new customer assignments in both countries.

In August this year NOTE entered a cooperation contract with Jaltek for NOTE’s new and existing customers in Britain. This cooperation will now be expanded to include both Britain and France.

Under the new partnership contract, Jaltek will be responsible for design and low-volume production in both countries and will now take over responsibility for sales. Jaltek’s existing customers and all new customers requiring high-volume production will be offered this facility in NOTE’s installations in Eastern Europe. This will involve winding up NOTE’s own sales organisations in France and Britain.

”Cooperation with a strong, locally established partner creates a more efficient division of labour and good opportunities for organic growth in Britain and France. NOTE and Jaltek complement each other both industrially and culturally and both focus on the needs of the customer”, says Arne Forslund, CEO of the NOTE group.

For further information, please contact:
Arne Forslund, CEO NOTE AB group, telephone 0705 – 477 477
Marina Filipsson, Vice President Investor Relation/Information NOTE AB, telephone 0709 – 50 80 72

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