NOTE issues record report

Swedish electronics manufacturer NOTE continues to defy the market , and has exceeded its profit for the entire previous year in just three quarters. Profit before taxes increased 49% to MSEK 40.2 MSEK (26.9), while net sales rose 29% to MSEK 581.8 MSEK (450.8). The Group’s confidence in the future is strong, as evinced by its investments to acquire BEVE Electronics and in NOTE Xperi’s newly dedicated plant in Lund.

Positive in a troubled industry

NOTE is a contract manufacturer of electronics, and has plants in Norrtälje, Torsby and Lund. Since September NOTE has also had a plant in Borås, after having taken over BEVE Electronics.
Despite troubled times in the industry, NOTE is going from strength to strength, and continues to grow. This is evident not least in the heavy influx of new customers.

Successful investments

Customers have also shown great appreciation for the new Excellence concept, which has proven to be a very successful investment.
Another project that is yielding successful results is the reconstruction of the Lund facility, which was ravaged by fire in February and successfully rededicated in late September.
Cooperation with the global network ems-ALLIANCE is also continuing to yield new and expanded customer relationships.
Group CEO Sten Dybeck sees a very bright future:
”Each company in the Group has a clearly defined orientation, and is posting consistently positive results. My earlier assessment still stands: the NOTE Group will continue to grow in terms of both sales and profits. We will be especially well positioned for an economic upturn, both geographically and from an expertise standpoint,” says Sten Dybeck.

For more information, contact Sten Dybeck, Chairman of the Board, tel. 0708-55 18 00

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