NOTE keeps up the good pace

NOTE is a contract manufacturer of electronics with factories in Norrtelje, Lund, Torsby and Lithuainia. Offices in Kista in the northern part of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Gdansk, Poland. At the same time as most colleagues in the trade are running at a loss and are forced to cut backs in the personal, NOTE goes against the wind and improve their result.

Sten Dybeck, chairman of the board of directors for the NOTE group, explains that one reason for the success is the quality to take fast decisions and that NOTE during the pasted half-year has managed to obtain further large strategically clients from other trades . ”Our purchase of BEVE Electronics is also an important step for future progress”, Dybeck continues

”My previous estimation that the NOTE-group will continue to grow in both turnover and result remains, even if the market continuously remains weak”, Sten Dybeck finishes.

For further information, please feel welcome to contact Sten Dybeck, chairman of the board of directors, tel. +46 708-55 18 00 or Eriks Stenfors, President, tel. +46 709-50 80 70.

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