NOTE lands major order from Åkerströms

In the face of stiff competition, NOTE has been chosen as a partner by the electronics firm Åkerströms Trux AB. NOTE will manufacture industrial computers for forklift trucks for Åkerströms, which has enjoyed major success on the global market with this product. The order is estimated to be worth MSEK 30 during the first year, and will increase from there. Production will take placed at NOTE in Torsby, the Group’s Center of Excellence for vehicle/industrial applications.

Åkerströms has had major success with their independently developed rugged computers for forklift trucks, the Trux series. Åkerströms was recently picked as a forklift truck supplier by Ford in the USA. The order is the largest in the company’s history. Ford has a total of 17 production facilities in the USA, and they are now equipping the forklift trucks at all their plants with rugged, wireless forklift truck computers from Åkerströms.

”The forklift truck computer market is tough, and imposes heavy demands in terms of quality and delivery times. It is also a strong growth market, which means that it is critical to choose the right contract manufacturer. We have chosen NOTE because we are convinced that they will meet our strict requirements in terms of quality and reliability,” says Åkerströms Group President Mikael Andersson.

Under the contract with Åkerströms, NOTE will be responsible for the total production of forklift truck computers. Deliveries are set to begin as early as May 2004, and the order is estimated to be worth SEK 30 million over the first year. The contract will run for several years, and could be expanded further.

”It is a great honor and pleasure for NOTE that Åkerströms has chosen us over our competitors,” says NOTE Group President Erik Stenfors. Åkerströms is a company with an outstanding reputation, and a new customer for us. We are looking forward to a close cooperative relationship with them, and one that will be mutually beneficial.”

The wireless computers are installed in forklift trucks and used to streamline logistical flows. Because the computers are used in a harsh industrial environment, they are subject to very heavy demands in terms of reliability and impact resistance.

NOTE will form a special production team for the truck computers at the Group’s new plant in Torsby. Torsby CEO Gerd Levin-Nygren was recently named CEO of the Year by Chef magazine. Gerd has been recognized for having turned the Torsby plant’s reputation around through her empathic leadership. The company is also expanding rapidly, and the employees at NOTE Torsby take great pleasure in their jobs.

Pictures of the Trux computer can be found at:

Additional information is available from:
Erik Stenfors, CEO And Group President NOTE
Tel: 0176-799 01 or 0709-50 80 70
e-mail: erik.stenfors@note.se

Gerd Levin-Nygren, CEO NOTE Torsby,
Tel: 0708-11 68 48
e-mail: gerd.levin-nygren@torsby.note.se

Mikael Andersson, CEO and Group President Åkerströms
Tel: 0705-15 26 00
e-mail: mikael.andersson@akerstroms.se

Emma Dahlén, Marketing Director, Åkerströms
Tel: 0703-03 38 39
e-mail: emma.dahlen@akerstroms.se

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