NOTE listed on Attract40

NOTE, one of Scandinavia’s leading contract manufacturers of electronics, has qualified for listing on the Attract40 list.

The Stockholm Stock Exchange made public today which companies had qualified for listing on Attract40 for the first half of 2005. Among the new companies qualifying was contract manufacturer NOTE, which was introduced onto the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O-list on June 23 this year.

“It’s very flattering that we have qualified for Attract40 after only 6 months on the O-list,” says Erik Stenfors, CEO and President of NOTE AB.

”It’s always a pleasure to welcome new companies, and it’s particularly exciting when it’s such a newly listed company like NOTE,” says Frank Teneberg, Head of Issuer Sales, Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Qualification for listing on Attract40 is based on trade statistics for the last half year. The most important parameter in this determination is the share’s turnover rate, which reflects the market’s interest in the company. The Attract40 segment was introduced to make it easier for foreign institutions and Swedish private individuals to locate the most interesting companies on the O-list.

For more information, please contact:
Erik Stenfors, President and CEO, NOTE AB, +46 (0)176-799 01 or +46 (0)709 – 50 80 70
Frank Teneberg, Head of Issuer Sales, Stockholmsbörsen (Stockholm Stock Exchange), Ph: +46 (0)8-405 69 54

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