NOTE makes TTI Electronics its Supplier of the Year

With the citation reading: “for good collaboration in the year, the highest delivery precision on the highest number of order lines, consistent good quality, skilled and proactive staff, reliable service and creative solutions”, TTI Electronics and its CEO Lars Dahlström has won NOTE’s Supplier of the Year award for 2005.

TTI Electronics, one of NOTE’s biggest component suppliers, was one of 20 candidates competing for this award for the fifth consecutive year. The award was handed over by Knut Pogost, CEO of NOTE Components and the group’s Sales & Marketing Director, at NOTE’s annual Suppliers’ Day event. “This award is one way of showing our appreciation of the suppliers that keep up with progress, and provide us with the best possible service at an attractive price,” commented Mr. Pogost.

Ove Danielsson, the group’s QA Manager, was responsible for the scoring process: “we divide our suppliers into four groups: distributors, mechanical engineering enterprises, PCB producers and cabling companies,” he said, “then we measure them in their groups according to various parameters like delivery reliability, delivery quality, payment terms and service levels. The number of delivered order lines is a new parameter this year, which affects the size of the supplier in each group in percentage terms. We understand that considerable effort and smoothly functioning logistics are necessary to achieve the combination of high delivery precision and high numbers of order lines.”

“Because materials content represents 60-70% of the total cost of products, maintaining a good collaboration with our suppliers, parts availability at short notice, maintaining high quality, on-time delivery and supply at low cost, are all crucial. By measuring our key suppliers continuously and providing them with feedback through the year, we help each other to push sector progress in the right direction—we’ve created a win-win situation that benefits everyone,” added Arne Forslund, CEO and President of NOTE AB.

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