NOTE names Arrow ”Supplier of the Year” for 2003

NOTE, one of Sweden’s leading contract manufacturers, has awarded this year’s ”Supplier of the Year” prize to component supplier Arrow. The award is given as an official expression of appreciation for the goods and services that NOTE receives from outstanding suppliers. NOTE Group CEO Erik Stenfors also took the opportunity to strike a blow for Swedish contract manufacturing.

Many suppliers gathered together
Some 70 representatives from various suppliers of electronic components, cabling and PCBs were informed yesterday of how NOTE views its own future and that of the industry, and of the requirements that will be placed on the component suppliers of tomorrow.
”Supplier Day” is an annual event that was instituted to put greater focus on the important cooperation between supplier and customer.

The day began with a tour of the NOTE Lund plant, which was recently rededicated after a major fire last year.
Representatives from NOTE’s materiel company, NOTE Components, then gave presentations on the current status and future prospects of NOTE and the industry. One of the presentations concerned the Group’s new database system, which links together warehouses with customers, suppliers and ems-ALLIANCE, the international cooperative alliance. NOTE Group CEO Erik Stenfors was also on hand, and he spoke on the importance of cooperation within the industry in order to keep contract manufacturing in Sweden.
The day concluded with the award ceremony and a pleasant social at Kulturens Östarp just outside of Lund.

CEO very pleased
The annual event was arranged by the Group’s materiel company, NOTE Components AB, which also gives out the ”Supplier of the Year” honor.
The award went to Arrow, based on the following ”As a NOTE supplier, Arrow Sweden AB has exhibited a genuine desire to cooperate, as well as providing excellent personal service. Arrow has also achieved superb quality and positive pricing, in addition to contributing to a pleasant climate in which to do business. Arrow Sweden AB has not only performed up to expectations, they have gone that ’extra mile’. and it is therefore with great pleasure that NOTE awards the ”Supplier of the Year” prize for 2003 to Arrow."

With an IPO in sight, the NOTE Group has logged yet another record year. NOTE Components CEO Bengt Emesten is very pleased with the component company’s results and growth. ”We will be able to further lower the number of suppliers in 2004, and are looking toward sales of MSEK 800 for the year. Our business concept, in which we negotiate prices for both the NOTE Group and our global network, ems-ALLIANCE, will enable us to become an even stronger player in the electronics manufacturing field,” says Bengt.

For additional information, contact:
Bengt Emesten, by telephone at 0176-788 01 or 0708-788 031

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