NOTE signs agreement with Radiocrafts AS of Norway

Radiocrafts AS is a leader in the design and production of sophisticated wireless communication modules. NOTE will be producing an integrated, complete module capable of sending and receiving wireless data. The product has applications including taking electricity, water, gas and heating meter readings in households.

The deal was signed by Norteam Electronics, which NOTE acquired in December 2008. Norteam in Oslo will be conducting industrialisation, prototyping and low-volume manufacture. High-volume production will be located at NOTE’s Industrial Plants in cost-efficient countries.

“The reason we selected NOTE as our supplier is its closeness and flexibility. The first phases of the process will be in close interaction with ourselves, which is time and cost-efficient. Volume production will then be located where it is best for us,” said Peder Martin Evjen, President of Radiocrafts AS.

“This is another good example of our Nearsourcing strategy working,” responded Knut Pogost, NOTE’s President and CEO, “it is based on three main segments—starting up Nearsourcing centres close to customers, cost control through the product lifecycle and cost-efficient production in the optimal location for the customer. We offer customers great freedom of choice so all phases of product manufacture is located where it suits them best.”

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