NOTE to produce for international research project

NOTE Xperi will be manufacturing circuit cards for the ”ALICE” project, which is one of the recently approved experiments at CERN’s new accelerator under construction in Switzerland. ”ALICE” is a cooperative project involving 80 different institutions from around the world, including Lund University.

The purpose of the experiment is to study nuclear media under extreme conditions, and to recreate the conditions that prevailed 1 microsecond before the origin of the universe in the Big Bang. The project will increase our understanding of what happened at the start of the Universe, and of what is happening right now.
Lund University is involved in the largest subsystem in ”ALICE”. It consists of a 100 m3 gas detector for recording charged particles in three dimensions.

”We are extremely pleased with the confidence that Lund University has shown in us. This is an order that we landed in international competition for a high-tech product,” says Magnus Persson, sales manager for NOTE Xperi. ”This order imposes extremely heavy demands on our production and on our company, demands that we definitely feel that we can meet,” concludes Magnus.

”We have set extremely strict requirements in terms of quality and reliability in this procurement, since this equipment cannot be repaired or maintained once it has been installed in the experiment,” reports Lund University Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson. ”The most important selection criterion has thus been quality per krona spent. We weighed all the facts carefully before making our decision. In their documentation, NOTE Xperi clearly demonstrated that they could guarantee the high levels of quality and reliability that we sought. Their completion of other similar projects also played a part in our choice of supplier. We are convinced that NOTE will carry out this project for us in a satisfactory manner, and we are looking forward to a successful cooperative effort,” concludes Hans-Åke.

For more information
Contact NOTE Xperi Sales Manager Magnus Persson at tel. 46-286 92 55, or Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson, Lund University,
at 046-222 77 09.

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