NOTE to produce for Saab Bofors Underwater Systems

NOTE Torsby has signed a five-year agreement with Saab Bofors Underwater Systems. NOTE will be manufacturing the electronics for the MK II and MK III submersibles. These vessels are used for mine-hunting, and are sold abroad for military applications.

"We have been involved in discussions with them quite some long time, and it is tremendously exciting to be able to manufacture these products," reports NOTE Torsby CEO Gerd Levin-Nygren. "We possess specialized expertise in naval electronics at our Torsby plant, and this is obviously just the right sort of customer for us," concludes Gerd.

The submersibles are highly technologically advanced, and carry an advanced sensor system. They can also carry mine-clearing equipment.
"We evaluated various suppliers a while ago, and NOTE was the one we chose," says Peter Erkers, ROV Purchasing Coordinator for Saab Bofors Underwater Systems AB. "NOTE Torsby is a good fit for us as a supplier because they can handle small series production runs involving complex technology. They also have excellent military references, and meet the standards that we require," concludes Peter.

For more information, please contact Gerd Levin-Nygren, CEO NOTE Torsby, tel. 0560-68 93 48, or Peter Erkers, ROV Purchasing Coordinator for Saab Bofors Underwater Systems, tel. 0141-22 45 60.

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