Production will now be global

Norrtelje Elektronik is raising its level of service still further, greatly expanding its capacity while also increasing flexibility – through its acquisition of EuroSupply Nordic AB (ESN).

We are now offering an even higher level of service to you as purchasers of advanced electronics production. To enable us to offer a comprehensive advanced production service virtually on your doorstep – regardless of where in the world you operate – Norrtelje Elektronik is acquiring the rapidly growing electronics company Eurosupply Nordic AB.

Global Production – we manufacture where it suits you best!

EuroSupply has a wide-ranging network of contacts in North and South America and in Asia as well as in Europe. Norrtelje Elektronik now offers production in all these regions and continues to expand its network coverage. This enables us to respond to your development globally by offering production in a wide range of countries. The network also enhances our range of services in other ways, for example we now have the capacity to take on production of your very largest printed circuit board production runs. As a customer of ours you can either opt for particular services or let Norrtelje Elektronik look after everything from component purchasing to the delivery of complete products.

Logistic advantages for you – through our greatly increased component purchasing.

This substantial increase in our total capacity now gives us greater flexibility than ever, due partly to our international network and partly to new investment, continuing through 2000, to allow increased production at the Norrtelje factory. We will also be able to offer even shorter lead times and to strengthen further our role as a components purchaser.

Staff can buy shares.

In connection with this new corporate acquisition, Norrtelje Elektronik will benefit from a substantial capital injection resulting from more broadly based ownership. This injection of capital allows us to fund continuing expansion as well as new measures to raise still further both our level of service and our in-house expertise. All employees of Norrtelje Elektronik now have the opportunity to purchase shares in the company. All the key members of the management team of course remain with Norrtelje Elektronik. Both Peter Jansson, Head of Production, and John-Olov Carlsson, Head of Production Development, continue in their present posts while Mats Hultin has promised to carry on as MD for at least another five years.

Production capacity increased many times over.

If you have any queries you are always welcome to contact us. At first sight, you might not notice the advances we have made in quality and in greatly increased production capacity. But as time goes on you will appreciate the way in which our electronics production is increasingly tailored to match exactly your particular requirements. A policy of constant improvement is our guiding star!

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