Radi Medical Systems selects NOTE as a supplier

After an extensive evaluation process, NOTE has been appointed as a supplier of medical technology products with demanding quality standards. A sophisticated wireless instrument used to measure blood pressure in the coronary artery will be developed and produced initially. The appointment of NOTE as a supplier paves the way for continued partnership on future products.

Radi Medical Systems (Radi) is a St. Jude medical company that conducts applied research, development, production, marketing and sales of proprietary innovative medtech products in the interventional cardiology segment. It conducts its business in close collaboration with physicians and other clinical staff to improve patient care.

This instrument—the first wireless offering of its kind—will be produced at NOTE’s Torsby facility. A web-based test database, enabling the customer to check quality levels directly from production, has been developed at the Norrtälje plant.

“Our main priority was to find a supplier that satisfies all our quality standards,” commented Johnny Munther, Radi’s Technical Purchasing Manager, “NOTE has the overall technology to cope with our products, plus good working methods that really allow us the necessary attention to maintain high quality. The fact that NOTE has a facility for volume production in China is also a plus.”

“We’re delighted and really proud that Radi has selected NOTE as a supplier after this extensive and demanding evaluation process,” responded Knut Pogost, NOTE’s CEO and President, “Radi’s products really suit the production group that has been put together for NOTE Torsby’s medical customers, which was high quality-assurance, traceability and ISO certification standards for the medical sector.”

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