Restructuring has entailed significant costs

– Net turnover increased by 14% to MSEK 325.0 (286.1)
– The operating profit decreased to MSEK –61.4 (23.9). The result after tax decreased to MSEK –46.0 (14.9), which is equivalent to a result per share of SEK –4.78 (1.80).
– The operating profit was adversely influenced by the restructuring costs and other one-off costs of around MSEK 62.
– A further 75 people were given notice in Sweden.
– Continued investment in technology. Operational collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology.
– It is estimated that the 2005 turnover will be MSEK 1,500-1,600 (1,103). It is assessed that the result for the twelve-month period including restructuring costs will be slightly negative.

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