Supplier of the year 2001 appointed

The appointment supplier of the year was founded by NOTE year 2001 as a yearly tradition to create contacts. The aim is to encourage and show official appreciation for the products and services supplied from skilled suppliers. Furthermore representatives for suppliers to the electronic industry get the opportunity to receive information regarding the trade from the customers point of view.

The suppliers day at NOTE attracted over 50 subcontractors to the electronic industry. To promote sensitive sharp ears NOTE appoint yearly one of the suppliers to supplier of the year. The motivation was "For a good co-operation based on good precision in delivery, high quality and technical support with a personal and reliable service". The component distributor ACTE Components AB was appointed supplier of the year 2001.

"Last year was hard for most of us and there is a dammed up need for information of how we look upon the future", says Bengt Emesten, President NOTE Components AB.

The aim is to create a closer relation between customer and supplier in order to provide increased understanding for the questions that are most important for the day. "For just a couple of years back the lack of components and on the whole to receive delivery was the big challenge. Today it is price reductions and terms of payment that are being discussed", Bengt Emesten continues.

NOTE, that went against the wind and did an all time high result 2001, trust that better times will be seen in the future. "It is not so much about a crises, it is more an adaptation to a changing market. The volume of electronic that are to be produced increases month by month, but the new products are not within the mobile telephony sector". Bengt Emesten finish.

For further information please contact:
Bengt Emesten, tel. +46 176-794 08 or +46 708-788031

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