TietoEnator chooses NOTE as their total global supplier.

TietoEnator in Karlstad, Sweden chooses NOTE Torsby as their partner for taking care of all their logistics – from production to delivery – of TietoEnators signaling solutions that are sold to Network Operators and service suppliers on the telecom market all over the world.

"Exciting company with potential resources"
– We are happy and proud that TietoEnator has chosen us as supplier, says Sten Dybeck, chairman of the board of the NOTE group.
– TietoEnator is an exciting company with large potential resources and TietoEnator´s signaling products fits very well with our activities, he continues.
Gerd Levin-Nygren, President of NOTE Torsby sees advantages in that the companies are located very close to each other geographically.
– That simplifies the cooperation even more at the same time that it proves that the county of Wermland has competence and knowledge to handle complex electronic products on a global market. An important part of our business idea is to be a close and global manufacturer of electronics. And this business transaction meets this very well.

Responsible for all logistics
The deal means that NOTE Torsby now answer for all logistics of TietoEnators signaling solutions that includes production, stock keeping and delivery of program as well as hardware directly to the customer.
– We can now concentrate on our basics, product development with connecting consult and education service, says Mats Skoting, Manager for TietoEnator Signaling Solutions.

– It is important for us to have a supplier of electronics with high quality, high competence and service level, that can take complete responsibility for the logistics, Mats Skoting explains – That we at the same time found a local cooperation partner in the county of Wermland is positive for the region and the fact that the companies are located close to each other geographically simplifies our contacs, Mats Skoting, that is also the chairman of the regional IT-foundation Compare Karlstad, continues.

Specialized on complex products
The NOTE group is a global partner that offers production of electronics and custom-designed logistic solutions.
NOTE Torsby is specialized on short series with large flexibility for complex products that among other things require advanced testing procedures.
– That is why Torsby does not produce any large volumes – but small and middle sized series with very high quality demands like TietoEnator, Gerd Levin-Nygren explains.
Gerd sees this as one of the keys to the success for the company.
– We have had the possibilities to expand in spite of the fluctuations on the market for electronics.
NOTE Torsby works since before with mainly electronics for the vehicle industry.
– We have had a co-operation with Ericsson historically – but with the agreement with TietoEnator we are now growing on the telecom market which we look upon as an exiting development of our activities, Gerd concludes.

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