Turnover up 63 percent!

– Net turnover increased with 63 percent to SEK 350.5 Million (215.7)
– Turnover during the third quarter amount to SEK 150.1 Million
– By the end of the accounting year the volume of orders in hand had increased to SEK 316.7 Million
– Profit per share after tax amount to SEK 19.67
– As of November 1 the acquired company Trienta Elektronik AB, in Torsby are included in the figures

Strong growth and increased profitability summarise the financial statement from the group of companies. The group consists of the following companies: Norrtelje Elektronik AB, Norrtelje EMS Provider in Torsby AB, EuroSupply Nordic AB and EuroSupply Central Europe.

C.E.O. Sten Dybeck are very pleased with the development during the year:
"The development of Norrtelje Elektronik towards a global goup of companies continues. The increase in turnover and result show that our customers appreciate our efforts. The increased earnings has mainly been achieved by the subsidiary company Norrtelje Elektronik, but also other companies has started to contribute."

The share is quoted at Roslagens Sparbank in Norrtälje, Sweden. For more information visit www.roslagenssparbank.se Last quoted buying rate: SEK 400

For questions please contact C.E.O. Sten Dybeck at tel. 0046 176 – 793 78

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