Waystream – develops and sells advanced digital infrastructure

Waystream is a Swedish company that develops and sells advanced digital infrastructure, such as switches and routers, adapted for the FTTx market. With Waystream’s products, it is possible for telecom operators and service providers to offer fast and reliable services to the user. In the autumn of 2020, Waystream chose to put part of its production with NOTE to ensure the availability of its supply chains, for example if unforeseen events should occur at a supplier or region. Waystream also wanted to be able to increase its production capacity by having several different manufacturing facilities.

“The agreement with NOTE is part of our strategy for risk minimization. By having manufacturing in several different places in the world, we become less vulnerable to disruptions in the logistics system. We have high quality requirements and NOTE is known for having very good technical expertise in electronics-based products. We see it as a long-term collaboration where we now have production close to our research and development. ”

Johan Sandell, CTO Waystream

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