Merus Power Oy – a global Greentech company

Merus Power, a Finnish company, designs, manufactures and sells world-leading electrical energy storage and power quality solutions which enables energy savings. Power electronics, innovative design and sustainability are the heart of the company.

NOTE provides NPI services and complex electronics for Merus Power’s energy storage and power quality solutions. The production takes place at NOTE’s plant in Hyvinkää, Finland.

NOTE’s global manufacturing and supply chain network combined with a local presence was one of the main reasons why NOTE was selected as a manufacturing partner for Merus Power’s products during 2019. The partnership is based on effective communication, which makes tackling possible issues smooth and efficient. Component availability and rapid capacity increase has never been an issue for NOTE.

“Excellent quality is important for the both of us and NOTE enables Merus Power to do its best in product development, software knowledge and electrical efficiency”, says Maiju Levirinne, Purchasing & Logistics Director at Merus Power.

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