Trimble product


Trimble – one of NOTE’s oldest customers

This US company has been outsourcing PCBA manufacture to NOTE since 2002. This productive collaboration started at the Norrtälje plant, and has continued to evolve since, all the way to NOTE’s plant in China.

Trimble markets high-quality optoelectronics positioning instruments, which operate in several segments where precise measurement of angles/ distances and scanning are a must. Final assembly and the related testing are at Trimble’s facility at Danderyd, Sweden.

The production process begins with joint projects to launch new products on the market, which includes prototyping and feedback on design, with the consistent aim of creating the best potential for effective serial production.

“Our partnership with NOTE brings us access to local and global support, and enables close partnerships in the development phase as well as lowcost, high-quality production,” reports Johannes Linder, Commodity Manager at Trimble

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