Raysafe reduces the unnecessary risk of X-rays

Unfors RaySafe AB provides extensive solutions for X-ray facilities. The foundation of its product offering is a combination of user-friendliness, specialist technology and maximum precision.

Its products integrate complex technology and are developed to minimise the risk of exposure to unnecessary radiation in mammograms and other procedures. RaySafe’s equipment employs technology and formulas to translate radiation into a numerical value that the user reads and monitors to ensure that radiation does not reach excessive or hazardous levels.

NOTE Norrtälje, Sweden, has been assisting RaySafe in optimising its products for serial production since 2010 and has produced PCBAs and box build products.

“We wanted a long-term partner, capable of satisfying our stringent standards of flexibility, proactivity and quality. NOTE’s specialist skills help us right through product lifecycles,” commented Joakim Wiholm, Vice President of Global Operation & Site Leader Billdal at RaySafe.

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