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NOTE Central Sourcing

The team for our central sourcing is located at the head office and at several of our factories. We focus on the most important areas in strategic purchasing, such as Commodity Management, Risk & Supplier Management and Market Intelligence. We also provide commercial support to our factories and customers.

Each EMS manufacturing unit has its own resources within operational purchasing and expertise in supplier management. Together, we implement purchasing strategies and solve delivery challenges of materials that can often arise.

Selected suppliers provide quality

Our supplier partnerships are based on competitive agreements with the largest distributors of electronic components in the world, in combination with smaller suppliers, to ensure a high level of service and flexibility. We also have a deep and broad collaboration with selected suppliers for printed circuit boards, mechanics, plastics, cabling, etc.

Our supplier base is the basis for being able to offer customers with high demands a stable solution for all the materials in the product. Together with you, we choose the right suppliers and production methods for your needs and your business.

Risk management

Many of our activities and working methods are related to risk management from different perspectives: from the highest standard for suppliers, through our supplier audits, to a long history of reviewing suppliers’ performance and agreed metrics for mutual development and improvement. Part of our daily operations includes monitoring our suppliers’ delivery and quality performance, which means that we are constantly becoming better at understanding and managing challenges when it comes to availability in the market.

NOTE Sourcing’s requirements for suppliers

Our sourcing organisation’s review process includes requirements for a Code of Conduct in accordance with the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14000. Additional certifications may be required depending on the service and material provided by the supplier.

A sustainable supplier base is the future of the EMS industry

NOTE has worked with sustainability for several years and thereby been able to define important focus areas related to our suppliers. We convey these requirements to the suppliers and we learn from each other. Our industry will continue to develop to work in a clear way with sustainability within the supply chain and achieve positive changes for the future.

Our ambition is to be an important part of sustainable development in the EMS industry. Our values ​​reflect how we work responsibly and select our suppliers. It provides competitiveness in the short and long term both for us and you as a customer.

Market situation reporting to our customers

Our contract manufacturing depends on a good understanding and insight into the market situation and the availability of materials. We collect information and news directly from:

  • manufacturer of electronic components
  • top distributors
  • metrics and regular reconciliations with suppliers
  • external market information.

The information is compiled quarterly in a report sent to our customers. Based on the report, we discuss together how deliveries can best be handled. Let us show you how we do it.

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