Our employees are the key to success

Their commitment, ingenuity and ambition to help customers create the strength of the global business.

Since NOTE is a global organization, it is important to develop cooperation between the factories. The factories are located in Sweden, Finland, England, Estonia and China.

Medarbetare hos NOTE

The collaboration takes place through a number of functional forums, for example in the areas of quality, purchasing, finance and sales. Furthermore, continuous work is underway to harmonize working methods and follow-up tools as well as clarify guidelines.

The improvement and development work involves a large number of employees in the Group. Follow-up of both business-related key figures and ongoing central and local improvement projects takes place on an ongoing basis.

During the year, the workforce was adjusted, both upwards and downwards, to handle fluctuations in demand as well as to implement efficiencies. The average number of employees in 2020 was 1,101. Staff turnover in the Group as a whole was 14.7%, of which 7.7% in European factories.

To be able to live up to the goal of being the best partner in the industry, with leading delivery precision and quality at a competitive total cost, a lot is required of everyone. Read more in the .pdf at the top.