Tiedonanto edistymisestä

Since 2011, NOTE, as one of northern Europe's first manufacturing partners for electronics, has been
a member of the UN Global Compact

Annamme YK:lle vuosittain edistymisraportin (COP, Communication On Progress). Siinä tarkastellaan NOTEn työtä ihmisoikeuksien, työlainsäädännön, ympäristön ja korruptiontorjunnan hyväksi.

Global Compact’s 10 principles as a member company

NOTE Torsby medarbetare

Human Rights

PRINCIPLE 1: Support and respect international human rights in the sphere of corporate influence.
PRINCIPLE 2: Ensure that their own companies are not involved in violations of human rights.

Labor law

PRINCIPLE 3: Maintain freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining.
PRINCIPLE 4: Eliminate all forms of forced labor.
PRINCIPLE 5: Abolish child labor.
PRINCIPLE 6: Eliminate discrimination in recruitment and duties.


PRINCIPLE 7: Support the precautionary principle regarding environmental risks.
PRINCIPLE 8: Take initiatives to strengthen greater environmental awareness.
PRINCIPLE 9: Encourage the development of environmentally friendly technology.


PRINCIPLE 10: Oppose all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.