Curt Lönnström proposed as NOTE’s new Chairman

At NOTE’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) on 25 April 2007, NOTE’s Election Committee has resolved to propose that the AGM re-elects the following Board members: Curt Lönnström, Sten Dybeck (who has declined re-election as Chairman) and Lennart Svensson. Ulf Mikaelsson and Arne Forslund have declined re-election. The Election Committee is proposing Kaj Samlin and Magnus Dybeck as new Board members.

Additionally, Curt Lönnström, born in 1943, who holds a B.Sc. (Econ.), is being proposed for election as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Lönnström also has Board appointments with companies including Catena, Poolia, HQ Bank and Uniflex. Lönnström, Samlin and Svensson are designated as ‘independent members’.

“As main shareholder of the company, I’m very satisfied that such an eminent industrialist as Curt Lönnström has accepted taking on the Chairmanship of NOTE,” commented Sten Dybeck, “going forward, my intention is to remain a significant shareholder of the company.”

This year’s Election Committee has the following members:

– Sten Dybeck, representing his own holdings and companies, Chairman and main shareholder of NOTE
– Nils Petter Hollekim, representing Odin Fonder
– Kjell-Åke Andersson, representing his own holdings

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