Knut Pogost appointed as new President and CEO of NOTE

The Board of Directors of NOTE has appointed Knut Pogost as new President and CEO of NOTE.

Currently, Knut Pogost is the Executive Vice President of NOTE responsible for developing the group strategy. He takes up his new position immediately. Knut has many years of experience holding senior management positions within the electronics industry, among others from the Norwegian EMS-supplier Kitron and the Canadian electronics distributor Future Electronics.

Bruce Grant, NOTE’s Chairman of the Board comments:
“Since the new Board was elected in the spring of 2007, a methodical restructuring program has been performed to realign our business – from a traditional contract electronics manufacturer to a unique services provider on the EMS market. Significant cost reductions have been carried through and the major part of the manufacturing is now conducted in NOTE’s international subsidiaries. Our strategy and focus on Nearsourcing remains unchanged. We will now increase our market offensive. Consequently, it is natural to transfer the leadership of NOTE to Knut Pogost, who has broad experience of international sales and marketing within the electronics industry.

The Board of Directors wants to show their appreciation to the former President and CEO Arne Forslund for his well performed efforts initiating the extensive efficiency and restructuring program, which has made the foundation of the new NOTE”.

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